As one of the leading distributers and manufacturers of fiber cement products in Europe, Cembrit provides the construction industry with a wide range of durable products and solutions for facades, roofs, interior and exterior.

The challenge

In order to tap into Germany as strategic core market, it was first necessary to determine Cembrit’s positioning in a fiercely competitive market and the appropriate offer targeted at the sophisticated group of architects and building professionals.

The strategy

Key insights from qualitative market research and analysis of the brand image and competitive environment, helped us to determine the right route for a new brand and communication platform. A new portfolio strategy with optimized products and services provide clear orientation, structured by a simplified naming system for the cement panels.

After a successful presentation of the new positioning in front of the national sales team and holding company, we consistently implement the new brand image for design, communication and the entire product range.

“We are always surprised by the substance and creativity with which Pioneer has provided us with deep insights into brand development beyond the actual task. In addition to the seriousness in dealing with our very special problem, the collaboration is actually really enjoyable.”

Andreas Schmitt, Managing Director Cembrit GmbH