Lensbest is a brand of 4Care, international omnichannel provider of contact lenses, care products, eyewear and sunglasses. Since 2008, we are partners of 4Care in all areas of brand and corporate strategy as well as implementation.

The challenge

Lensbest is one of Europe’s largest mail order companies for contact lenses, care products and eyewear. Besides its own products Lenscare and Lennox Eyewear, Lensbest offers products from renowed brands. But full-services retail trade and an increasing market pressure of online competitors like Mister Spex require an in-depth evaluation of the own market position.

How does Lensbest become THE leading interactive online store that brings “the world of vision” to life?

The strategy

The strategic goal is defined: Lensbest will become market leader, serving over one million customers with a wide range of professional products, information and services to perfectly meet individual needs. In doing so, the Lensbest experts will help customers before, during and after their purchase, as well as actively encouraging dialogue, sharing of information and product reviews.

But which exactly are the target groups and what kind of emotional and functional needs do they have?

We kick-off the process with an extensive qualitative market research, that provides valuable insights to spectacle and contact lens wearers and reveals an untapped market potential of 9 million contact lens wearers!

Translating the findings into target group-specific content leads to a real innovation firework: The product and service portfolio of the Lensbest online shop is extended by interactive tools, practical tips, expert advice as well as practical video tutorials. A fashion blog, social media engagement and own styling consultant endorse the commitment to eyewear fashion.

A comprehensive brand relaunch catapults Lensbest into the next generation of interactive online stores.